Friday, May 1, 2009

What is Love?

When you want to cry from just being happy.

When you hold them close and it feels like you are holding a part of yourself you never knew was missing.

When you would gladly put your own life at risk no matter the cost to save them or help them or love them.

When you would bear indignities.... shoulder burdens.... move mountains to be with them.. .but they would never ask of such sacrifices because they, like you, don't want to see the one they love hurt.

When you would truly give of yourself until it breaks you... even going beyond that breaking point and only bending under such pressure, never giving up to it.

Love to some, is a series of uneasy alliances... to others it is a never ending horn of plenty. When you think there can be no greater joys in life and they spring forth yet more from their hearts to push you over the edge of joy over, and over, and over again.

Love may be conditional... it may be finite.... it may turn to black and curl up into a ball of iron in your insides... these are all possibilities... But you can live an eternity in that finite world and that is the stuff of love.

- according to giggle parts -

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